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In silents it falls,slow and softly
to the ground.
Falling down from heaven,and with-
out a sound.

One little snow flake,followed by two
a cup of hot coffee,made just for you.

Oh look out your window,and look at
the snow.
The worlds all white,look at it blow.

Give my coat,my hat and gloves,I've got
to go out,like everyone does.

Fell the nip,so cold in the air,hear the snow
crunch, as your walking their.

Come walk with me,in this winter wounder
No, you wont fall,I have your hand.

We'll lay on our back,and move our arms.
Making a snow angel,oh what a charm.

And when we get cold,and go back inside,
I have something for you, It's a surprise.

Two candles of purple,with a bright white flame
A glass of wine,and a sugar cane.

Oh look at it snow,but that's all right, your not going
anywhere,your stuck for the night.
Dallas brown 5 Dec 07


Your lips have grown silent,no
more do you say.
I guess it is true,I've been put away.

I look but i can't see,I touch but can
not feel.
The feeling of being unwanted,is so
very real.

Like a stream without it's water,a bird
without it's song.
A heart that is broken,wont last very

I send a message by the wind,a whisper
if ya will.
I turn and face the sitting sun,and watch the
day grow still.

I drop my head,and lift my arms,and look back
up again.
I don't know where I am going,for i don't know
where I've been.

Has long has I know your happy,thats all that
matters to me.
I'll love you forever,and ever,oh so deeply.

Dallas brown 5 Dec. 07


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