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Something I didn't do

I'd rather be sorry for something I have done
Then sorry for something I didn't do
So I've played harder,and I've run faster
But to my own self I was true

I've loved with,my mind,heart and body
And a passion that could light a flame
When it was over I was sorry
Was something I didn't do,to blame

Acknowledge or condemn me for things I've done
And I'll admit to all and take the blame
Not wonder if it's something I didn't do
If I had would it still be the same

If anything I have done has hurt a friend
As I know that I have without intent
If you were in need and I failed to understand
If I have acted as if all caring has been spent

Today I am sorry for all the things I have thought
And for many of the things that I've done too
I had rather be sorry for the things that I have done
Then sorry for something that I didn't do........Free spirit