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Jack Johnson [the gray rider]

It was 1861 in southern Missouri that jack Johnson took his daughter of 15 to live with his mother. Things was not looking good in the states war between the states had broken out and both sides was building up army's to fight each other. Jack was a peaceful man who did not want any part of the fighting. He had enough in war with Indians on frontier. he got out the army just be fore the war had be gun.

One day he was close to his home when bunch men with red leggings on rode up and stop him . "what you southern white trash doing in this part country ?" the leader said. Be fore jack could say any thing he was club down and stomp and left for dead. When he woke up his wagon was gone.  He cleared the blood from his eyes to see his daughter body in the bushes.   Yes she been rape and kill. Jack drop to his knees "god why this ,what I do for you let this happen" he cried.

"It the dam Kansas red legs" came a voice from behind him. Jack turn fast to see a stranger in gray uniform setting on a gray horse looking at him. He said  "I help you".  He had a shovel on his pack horse that carry supplies on. They dug a grave and bury the girl and Jack said a prayer over her and put up a cross of two sticks with a tie.

When done man ask "You want some pay back join me; I ride with Quantrill we make those Kansas red legs pay in blood every last one; only thing good live in Kansas is bison. My name is Randy Hobson what your sir? "

"Jack - Jack Johnson ex Indian fighter and soon to be jayhawker and red leg killer."

 "That's what I want to see a man who knows who he is fighting", Randy Hobson said.

Jack said "Where can I get a gun?"   Randy said I think we can fine you something."

Late that after noon they reach camp. When came in they was halted by guard. Guard say "Randy who that with you?"

" New recruit " randy said.  "Let me see Quantrill I got supplies and news for him."

They rode up to building and Randy said "Wait here "and went in side. Soon a tall man came back out dress ed in a confederate officer uniform and said "I am Quantrill you was in army out west and Indian fighter? I was scout with 1st Calvary at fort seal. They kill your daughter randy told me; and you want some pay back." Jack: " I want to kill every dam Kansas man ,woman I can fine. I need a gun and want to join where do I sign up."

 Quantrill:  "We have a few extra guns here some uniforms not many."

 Jack:  "Just give me a gray coat, that be enough ."

Quantrill:   "Make him a sergeant he has army experience make good leader. we need men that know how to fight and how to lead men. Take him and get him armed."  To Jack "Pick what you want Jack" .

 Jack went in and was shown some navy colts. Jack picks one with 4 inch barrel and a shot gun. Jack:  " I need a horse some kind a strong one if got one?" Randy said "Spare horses in that bunch over there and pointed at group."  Jack pick out a big gray with white feet. He saddle it to see how he rode and horse try to buck him off . Jack stayed right with him. After 6 or 7 trips around the stockade he settle down ,and just trotted around ,and horse and rider became one.

First light Quantrill came out "Get the men ready we ride today to Kansas. The army got shipment of guns and gold there; it got there last night. We go to Lawrence Kansas and we be there by noon."

They rode all morning. Jack and his new horse were getting along good. Jack had made him a shoulder holster and had his navy colt with 4 inch barrel in it and saw off barrel of his shot gun and stock down and had a sling over the top where it fits right under his right arm. This way Jack could control his horse with one hand and shoot the shot gun with one hand when it was empty let swing down grab pistol out shoulder holster and keep right on.

When they got to Lawrence Kansas they spit up into two groups: one hit from east one from west. They waited until Quantrill fire his pistol and they charge to town from both sides. Shooting any man they seen on streets and Calvary men too. Soon at rail depot there where Calvary had made last stand  they were dead and men loaded gun and gold in wagons .

Jack seen this wagon in ally there. He told Quantrill that some the red legs must live there because this wagon was there. Quantrill said "burn it - burn it all down" and Lawrence Kansas was burnt to grown that day, the dirty red legs. When Quantrill left Lawrence Kansas it was in total flames one end to other. Jack shot any body he seen man or woman he had make them pay.

Before night Quantrill and his raiders was back in Missouri and move back into the hills to cover. Jack pick up a navy colt with 6 inch barrel and holster and a sharps rifle, the navy colt he put the holster on his left side so he could reach across and draw his gun while holding the rains with left hand. Jack was right handed he made a scabbard for rifle and had it on right side horse. A sharps rifle was the most powerful rifle of its time. 50 cal breach load, had very long range to it. Been a gorilla fighter you do not have time to reload hand guns, so you carry as many as you could deal with. Some men carry 4 or 5 this give you lot shots be fore have to reload them.

There was many battles lot they won some they lost but thru it all people always remember the gray rider he was most daring of them all. and did not mine killing a good Kansas man ,or woman. As time went on more and more Calvary was in field and putting more pressure on Quantrill and was been wore down to where there was few of them left. Randy Hobson was kill last week he did not know what hit him and Quantrill was kill to in ambush.

Then got news war is over. The south surrender and Lee was cornered. Men talk it over - Do we or do we not throw down our arms. Jack Johnson said you never can surrender; they want let you; you not regular army. Only way they get my guns is out my dead hands ;first light I am going west. to fine place they never heard of Jack Johnson ,you do what you want.

Before first light Jack had his gray saddle and mounted and slowly stole  into the bush, and slip away from the group. At first light Jack heard gunshots he knew the men had been found, and was in a fight. He stop and ponder do I go back or keep going? That question was answered by sudden stop of gunfire Jack knew it was over for his friends ,best try to save himself. So he turn his trusted gray west and said "lets go Sam".