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I saw a stranger on the street,

looking ragged and forlorn;

With cold and starving eyes,

Upon this Sunday morn.

My eyes filled with misty tears,

As I gazed upon this dismal sight.

And my heart felt the sorrow,

Of his awful plight.

Down on his luck. It was plain to see,

A creature of God.

less fortunate,

Than you and me.

people on the street passed him by,

With nary a glance his way,

As if seeing him would scorch there eyes.

And ruin the happiness of there day.

Then I went over to his side,

And reached into my pocket thin.

And extracted a few meager coins,

And gave them to him.

His eyes lit up with gratitude,

As he went along his way.

Enough perhaps for a meal or two,

And a bit of hope to face another day.



"Time gone by"

It seems so long,
Those days of youth.
When I bought a kiss,
From your kissing booth.

How beautiful you were,
When I first saw you there,
Looking all so grand,
At the county fair.

Looking back my lovely one,
How can I forget those moments of bliss.
Of bygone years,
And days I miss.

Now we have parted,
So far far away, my dear.
- From those good O days.
Of yesteryear.



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11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

Illustration: Romantic dinner at the cafe

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