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The Gypsy King.....

Chakara heard the music as she was lying in her bed.
It was a violin playing, and the music seemed to flow.
So she opened her window wide.
As from the woods.. it did come and go..

She had heard that there was a gypsy camp..
The other side of the wood.
And she was compelled to go to it
This music she understood.

So Chakara put her clothes on
Weaving her way through the woods she did go.
And there she found the gypsy camp
Playing the violin, was a man she did not know..

He wore a red shirt, and a waistcoat
Black trousers tucked into boots, so fine
Around his head he wore a red bandana..
And his eyes shone like emeralds,like the color of the pine.

She was mesmerized by him .
Right from the very start.
And wondered if he could hear.
The beating of her heart

He told her he was the Gypsy King
And he wished to read her palms
She just wished he would kiss her.
As she wanted to be in his arms.

Of course he was reading her thoughts
They were plain to see.
He told her ,the gypsies were leaving next day..
Would you like to come with me..

She looked at him with a happy face
Not believing this was true.
So she said with no ado.
I would love to come with you..

Well her family looked high and low for her..
Nothing could be found..
Surely the gypsies had not taken her
And covered up the ground.

To this time it is said
The devil picks his own.
He comes to some as the Gypsy King
And takes them to his home...



Red Rose, Spinning