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As we getting older
The  years  go rolling by
Before  we know where we are
We are heading  for the sky......
Christmas comes  and goes
The  kids  have  just, got older
You cannot  keep them little long
They grow up fast  and get bolder.....
Sometimes  some of us divorce
There marriage  is not complete
And another  person is in this triangle
For husband  or wife  to meet........
In  life these things we have to face
The breaking up of a marriage
And the pained looks of your children,they dont know what  to say to there parents
As they think its not there place.....
Then we  become grandparents
Ane we be   baby sitters and more
Its strange what life throws at us
And  we know our  lives are mapped out for us, and only him knows the score.....
Now  there is something given to us
That is a word called LOVE,what  is this love all about
It has a lot of meanings
And some say it all no doubt........
Love can make you happy
Love can break your heart
You fall in love with someone
Thats when the troubles start......
I could write more on this
But ,i know you have all  been there
And have  had the tears of no hope
As we really do care........
Suppose  that  someone has to get hurt
And there heart gets broken
But you just have to  keep marching on
To another life thats woken.......
Just remember you are not alone
He  is  there for all of you
Trying  to  give you a life thats worth while
Because  he loves everyone   too.......
written bye  cherrypie